An extranet is a private network which we use to share securely with our clients documents and other information over the Internet. The extranet is a superior alternative to email in many respects, but in particular security. Our extranet has several layers of security:

  1. Access requires triple authentication of a user name, password and domain (which isn't This authentication information is encrypted and securely transferred over the Internet to the secure data center using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is the same type of security technology that financial institutions use for online banking transactions.

  2. Files which are uploaded to or downloaded from the extranet also are encrypted and securely transferred over the Internet using SSL.

  3. Files are stored in a secure data center facility which meets US Government secure facility criteria. Files remain encrypted while stored at the data center. The only way to decrypt a file is to log in with your unique triple authentication and download or open the file on your computer.

Please feel free to discuss with your attorney setting up an extranet for your case.

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