WPoindexterEvan G. Williams
Los Angeles Office

Mr. Williams was admitted to the Bar of the State of California in 1969. He received both his Bachelor of Arts degree (1965) and Juris Doctorate degree (1968) from the University of California at Los Angeles. Mr. Williams joined Poindexter & Doutr� in 1975 and is a member of the firm.

Mr. Williams practices in the areas of corporate, corporate securities, real estate, trade secret licensing and alternative energy law.

For many years Mr. Williams has represented small and medium size businesses in providing advice that has covered a full range of legal and business issues, including corporate and other entity governance issues (from formation to merger, acquisition, sale or dissolution), the lease or purchase of real property, qualification to do business in other states and in local jurisdictions, coordination with tax advisors as to taxation of such entities and their owners, succession planning (including buy-sell agreements with and without insurance), capital formation, real estate and energy project syndications, employment agreements, purchase orders, sales orders, distribution agreements, and joint ventures with other entities or individuals.

Mr. Williams has represented a leading licensor of trade secret fiberglass and glass technology in more than 30 successful negotiations throughout the world of long-term agreements for the licensing of technology and know-how, the providing of specialized engineering and construction management services and the supply of proprietary consumable process parts.

Mr. Williams is one of the most experienced attorneys in the United States in representing alternative energy developers. He has acted as legal counsel in all phases of the development of such projects throughout the United States, including the preparation of proposals to obtain and the negotiation of real property and mineral interest lease rights, the negotiation of energy sale agreements (power purchase agreements, gas sale agreements, cogeneration agreements), the preparation of applications for conditional use permits, building permits and air permits, the negotiation of operations and maintenance agreements, the monetization of production tax credits, the negotiation of joint development agreements, and the negotiation of project finance lending agreements.

Mr. Williams is also a principal in one of the leading landfill gas-to-energy development companies in the United States for which he and other members of Poindexter & Doutre serve as legal counsel. Mr. Williams currently serves as United States counsel to one of Europe’s largest wind turbine manufacturers. He also is a principal in and represents a company engaged in the conversion of biosolids from wastewater treatment plants to thermal energy and renewable electric power.

Mr. Williams is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the State Bar of California.